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paying it forward

Our children are our future and to secure that future, many will need a competative edge in our changing, fast-paced world.  For those students who qualify, OKK is offering scholarships to Ka'ū student undergraduates currently enrolled in secondary education institutions.  Below is a list of past recipients as well as a link to this yearʻs application due April 30, 2024.

Questions about the scholarship or application?  Email us at:
Graduation Ceremony


2023 - Lenaia Andrade and Kircia Derasin

2020Ryan Ah Yee, Nalie Ibarra, Dane Shibuya, Jr., Melinda Eder, Seth Eder, Krystal Velasco and Angelica Felipe

2019 - Malie Ibarra, Josiah Barrio and Jennifer Bruno 

2018 - Malie Ibarra and Kaweni Ibarra

2017 - Chloe Gan, Rochelle Koi, Kamrie Koi and Tiare-Lee Shibuya, Addison Enriques, Avery Enriques, Evan Enriques, and Emmett Enriques

2016 - Rochelle Koi, , Kamrie Koi, Tiani Castaneda-Naboa, Jay-R Abalos and Lexis Andrade 

2015 - Kaweni Ibarra, Emmett Enriques, Denisha Navarro, Rochelle Koi, Tiare Shibuya, Kamrie Koi, Kayla Andrade, and Evan Enriques

2014 - Chazlyn Fuerte-Castaneda, Kamrie Koi, Toni Beck, Evan Enriques, Kayla Andrade, Siena Okimoto and Tyler Amaral

2013 - Tiare-Lee Shibuya, Kayla Andrade, Kara Nelson, Tyler Amaral and Tiana Pascubillo

2012 - Bliss Amaral, Rochelle Koi, Mike Moses, Kayla Andrade, Leyla Shellera, Lea Moses and Kara Nelson

2011 - Catherine Kedall, Brook Hashimoto, Kara Nelson and Bliss Amaral

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